About us


Ami Gel – modern, chic, fashionable, and appreciated by the most renowned artists. A wide range of quality products made in Holland. Techniques, colours, innovative ideas, always in fashion, an incontestable success for any nail artist, hi-tech products which will help you improve your creativity, talent, imagination, precision and knowledge.

As a result, the nail artist is not only a doer who works using a pattern, but he uses many abilities which will determin him to bring something new, unique, spectacular, in a word – “perfection”.

From gels with high density to those with self-levelling and multifunctional colours with perfect coverage after a single application: these are only some of the advantages that you may discover in the wonderful Ami Gel range.

All types of Ami Gel follow the UV/LED/CCFL – meaning quick curing in any kind of lamp. Let’s enter a modern world, full of colous, with perfect nails and impeccable technicians who are able to convey the pure art at the highest lever. Ami Gel will always be a reliable friend!