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Kolinsky – Builder nr.2

A brush for builder gels with not very dense viscosity, suitable for details that need high precision.

Hair width: 3 mm, length: 3 mm


About Kolinsky Brushes

The hair from Kolinsky brushes is gathered through brushing  (Cruelty-free) from the weasels from the Northen Syberia (called Kolinsky) during the winter months, because in this period their fur is thicker and healtier. Only high quality hairs are selected for these wonderful brushes 100% pure. In order to guarantee the perfect balance between handicraft and performance, Kolinsky brushes are handmade. Both the engraved handle and the selected hairs are handmade. The oval shape similar to a cat’s tongue offers you extreme pleasure during the application and during the building. The cover is also changed into a stylish touch screen compatible with any device (phone, tablet). It simplifies the technician’s work especially in those situations when his/her hands are dirty, being impossible to answer the phone or to look for the favourite designs: an innovative, unique and pragmatic aspect. The metallic cover offers a better resistance. Natural hair is more efficient in chemical procedures but it has to be cleaned after every usage as to keep its quality.

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